Monday, June 30, 2008

The very first scene in "Talentime".

1 Morning. Int. Exam hall.

Close-up of the hands of a Malay boy (Hafiz). On his table, we see a test paper. The questions are in multiple choice answer format. The boy, instead of answering the questions, is presently carving an eraser with a cutter blade. He is shaping it into a cube.

Loose shot of a teacher (Cikgu Tan) walking around the hall to see that the students are behaving themselves. He does a Hitlerian walk.

We hear the occasional cough of a student. Cikgu Tan turns sharply and casts an accusatory glance around the hall, turns back again, and resumes his walk.

Some of the boys and girls look at each other and giggle at Cikgu Tan’s peculiar behaviour.

Just then, another school teacher, a stout Malay man named Cikgu Anuar, taps on the entrance of the hall, to catch Cikgu Tan’s attention. Cikgu Tan turns to the students and announces:

Ten-hut! Buat kerja sendiri! Jangan tiru orang.
Saya keluar sekejap! At eeeaaase!

He steps out in haste to meet with Cikgu Anuar.

Back to Hafiz. Once done carving out the cube, he uses a marker to put dots on the faces of the cube. He is turning it into a dice! When the dice is ready, he tosses it. The upward face has three dots, so he shades the answer “C” on his test paper.

Vincent, a Chinese boy sitting nearby, watches Hafiz with suspicion and disgust.