Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mukhsin confesses to his guardian aunt.

mukhsin confesses
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"Makcik Senah... macam mana seseorang tu tau yang dia dah jatuh cinta...?"

The last three times we rehearsed this scene, the actress Mislina Mustaffa and I shed a tear.

The sheer earnestness with which this question was asked hit us in the gut every time. It brought us to a time when we ourselves believed romantic love was clear and absolute. I guess we cried because we longed for love that was that simple. And something inside us lamented the fact that more often than not, it all goes horribly wrong.

God has blessed us with a young actor with an impeccable sense of timing and tone of voice when delivering his lines.

I guess the fact that he has become quite enamored with Sharifah Arriana (the cute, feisty young actress who plays 10-year old Orked) helps.