Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Voices At The Bottom Of The Pyramid". A private test screening. Only 10 seats available.

Here it is. The more or less final cut of my very first documentary, assigned to me, and financed by, my employer, Leo Burnett.

It is mostly about the working class women of India - their dreams, their fears, what they think of multi-national companies, how they form their own companies to survive, what they hope for their children, etc.

It's slightly over an hour long, and I'm keen to gauge some emotional/practical response to the film.

I'm afraid this time around only 10 peeps are allowed, as I would like to reserve some space for internal staff of Leo Burnett.

To book a place, click on comments below. Real names only, regulars get priority, first come first served. Standard rules apply.

Our beloved Treasurer, Ted, will keep tally. Enjoy.