Thursday, September 01, 2005

Read the clapperboard.

Here it finally is. A photo to give you a foretaste of the film.

Click on this photo and you'll see more behind-the-scene snapshots on flickr.

God, it was fun. And moving. And rewarding. And such an adventure.

And sometimes, harrowing too.

There was one week where one particular local newspaper felt like crucifying me on a daily basis -- I spent 15 minutes crying my eyes out every morning before commencing the day's shoot.

One brilliant thing came out of it all, though. It made me turn to Allah for solace.


Wish us luck, my friends. Better still, pray for good things for our little film.

As soon as our producer Elyna called it a wrap at 5am that Friday morning, someone announced, "This is not a production team. This is a family."