Sunday, September 04, 2005

Have I found my very own Audrey Hepburn?

my very own audrey
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Sharifah Amani (more commonly known as 'Orked' on my set and in my films), is often asked by journalists, "Benarkah awak ni anak emas Yasmin Ahmad?" ("Is there any truth in the rumour that you are Yasmin Ahmad's Golden Child?")

Orked's reply is invariably, "Yes, what of it?".

It's a shame they haven't asked me the same question. My reply would've been, "Well yes, but not only that, she's my very own Audrey Hepburn."

This is not to say that she's the most beautiful girl in the business. But it does mean that I reckon my director of photography, Keong, and I may have found a way to make her look like she IS the most beautiful girl in the business.

What do you think?