Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"You're so silly"

mr hip
Originally uploaded by yasmin the storyteller.
"You're so silly sometimes
Last night you squeaked like rusty hinges
when I said that I called for no other reason
than to breathe your voice
You're so silly that I want to
kiss and lick and suck the peaches of your mouth
the plum of your chin
the papaya of your neck
the two tiny raisins on your chest
the wrinkled pips of your belly-button
and then move on south
to the wild orchards of those not-so-silly places
You're so silly that
I want to spend insane hours with you
blowing across your plains and your valleys
I want to spoil you silly but don't worry
I know how you retreat like mimosa when I do it
in front of other people
because you're funny that way
And when we're together
I have to remind myself that
you like to be the forbidden castle sometimes
shut out from the world by moats teeming with crocodiles
even though next to you
just two skins away
is a woman who thinks that you’re her bridge
to the clouds and the moon
on a journey filled with sweet little sillinesses
And that's when I think that you're not just being silly
but plain stupid"