Thursday, June 16, 2005

One by Latif Mohideen, my favourite Malaysian poet, translated into English by me.

Flecks of light.

For example... the flecks of light in the rays of the sun.
The flecks that seep through the crack in the roof.
The ever moving flecks - sparkling, bright, transparent.
The flecks that are warm; soothing to the touch.

Perhaps the child was touched by those flecks
who crawled across the floor in the middle of the house.
Perhaps just one fleck was spotted first, then two, then four
and soon, a spray, darting wildly, shimmering, here, there...

At times excited and keen to play, he moves;
attempts to chase the flecks, corner them,
tries to catch those tiny balls of light
but catches nothing.