Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sessi Appresiasi Sarsi.

Tu dia! Si Adam bukan main kangkang lagi. This, kawan-kawan, is what one might call, "A picture you can smell."

Today, 24 hours later, much has happened. Everyone is haunted by different scenes from the quietly powerful 'Daremo Shiranai'.

Early in the morning, Seng Tat sms'd me from a train, saying that he couldn't help looking out for a dirty looking boy with a pink suitcase.

Ted keeps remembering little Yuki's red shoes that went pip-squeak when she walked; Aliya remembers the older kids slipping Yuki's cold foot into one of them before closing that suitcase.

Me, I often fantasise about playing a game with them: "Let's clean this house in the next hour and then treat ourselves to lashings of ice-cream." And with one click of my fingers, the kids and I race each other down to that convenient store Akira frequented.

And I've already promised Seng Tat that I'd share some of my Apollo Chocos (Yuki's favourite), the next time we meet.

Now, when was the last time a film stayed with you like that?