Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Rabid about 'Rabun'.

This Friday's screening of my first film 'Rabun' has solicited a much bigger audience than I anticipated.

Apart from those who applied here, there will also be Dr Wan Zawawi (musician extraordinaire and anthropologist), Gareth Richards (film appreciation lecturer at University Malaya), Seng Tat (young genius and gold award winner of last year's Malaysian Video Awards short film competition), our very own smashPop (cute darling who did the spoof of my 'Sepet' poster), and Jaja whose computer is down.

In short, we're bursting at the seams.

But you know what? With Il Presidente's kind permission, I'm going to allow it. And people can just lepak around the floor. Let's find out exactly how many bodies our theatrette can take, once and for all.

For those who are new to The Storyteller, 'Rabun' was my first feature-length film. It was the gold award winner for the Best ASEAN Feature Film at the 8th Malaysian Video Awards in 2003. It has also been selected for four international film festivals, including being chosen for competition at the Torino International Film Festival 2003 in Italy.

It's worthwhile noting that out of every ten people who have seen both 'Sepet' and 'Rabun', anywhere in the world, two prefer 'Rabun' and defend their choice quite fiercely.

Which one do I, the writer and director of both, prefer? Why not make your guess and say why, in less than 20 words. The winning entry shall be presented, inshaallah, with an original copy of 'Sepet' dvd, signed by Jason, Orked, and I.