Monday, April 18, 2005

Love never dies.

Someone suggested today that I shouldn't make 'Gubra'.

That it would mortalise a perfectly healthy modern day myth.

That it would explain too much a phenomenon that has become a haunting, thought-provoking mystery.

And finally, that I should move on and make other stories about other things and other people.

Pablo Picasso, my favourite painter and sculptor of all time, once said, "To finish a painting would be to rob it of its soul."

Now I'm confused. Sepet's run at the cinemas is long over, but the film itself continues to breathe. People are still discussing the ending. I've never seen anything like this happen to any local film before.

Everywhere I go, I am accosted by total strangers, from all races, all age groups; some curious, some moved, some even a little angry.

The questions are the same:

"What actually happened at the end?" "Did he, or didn't he?" "Who answered the phone?"

Which begs the question: If I made 'Gubra', would I be robbing 'Sepet' of its soul?

Or does Love never die?