Wednesday, April 13, 2005

'B E R K E M B A N'

Originally uploaded by yasmin the storyteller.

That cheeky bugger Zulfly emailed this to me today. The mole and its placing was accurately observed, and the face does have a look of me, but... WHEREFORTH ART MY TITS?!

But seriously though, I think it's awfully sweet of him to have done this. You know you're old when people start making caricatures of you. I'm just relieved that mine isn't too grotesque.

The portrait Zulfly drew shows me directing, of course, but the question is, which film? Because frankly, I'm still not decided which of the three I'll shoot first - 'Gubra', 'Kapur', or 'Bunian'.

And by the way, alhamdulillah I've received offers of financing for all three.