Friday, November 19, 2004

The price of oil.

Here's one of a thousand photos of Iraqi children they'd never show on CNN or CNBC or FOX, and these days, not even the BBC.

Take a good close look.

The scary thing is, I know some of you out there who can still cook up reasons as to why this child was just an unfortunate, but NECESSARY casualty.

For every foreign "contract worker" whose passport photo you gasped over in the newspapers these days, there are hundreds of Iraqi children lying in nameless graves, because their scattered bodies could no longer be recognised.

What do you call a world where the life of ONE adult is worth more than those of a hundred children?

When I was young, they made movies that convinced me that all Red Indians were bad and all Vietnamese were gooks. They're still producing such fiction today; only these days, they call them "News Channels".

Maybe we should make a movie about Iraq before they do.