Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The story begins on the 3rd of August 2004.

at 46, i have directed only eleven halfway decent tv commercials, made one tv movie, and one feature film.

i might call myself an artist if i only knew what art was. i cringe when someone says they like art films, or worse, that they want to MAKE art films.

i watch anything that tickles my fancy. my all-time favourites so far include ken loach's "kes", billy wilder's "the apartment", satyajit ray's "charulata", neil jordan's "mona lisa", and raj kapoor's "bobby". i reckon they're my favourite because i keep going back to them from time to time, over and over again, and they move me every time.

the two living directors whose new works i feel compelled to watch as soon as i can are pedro almodovar and yoji yamada.

if what little i've said so far piques your interest even a little, i'd like to chat about film with you. and if you're malaysian, i'd like to hear how you think we can make better films, because we're presently making some pretty dire ones, and it gets embarrassing for me sometimes to talk about films with my friends from japan, india, china, indonesia, france, and thailand.

welcome to the storyteller.