Sunday, October 12, 2008

Without Make-Up!

Without Make-Up 3

Without Make-Up 2

Without Make-Up 4

Without Make-Up 1

The holy month of Ramadhan can change you.

During the last one, I was asked by Evangeliss Yh-Hwong to pose for some portraits, as part of a series featuring everyone involved in the making of our "Here In My Home" music video.

Ordinarily, I would take great pains to apply make-up for such photo sessions. A little translucent foundation, dusting powder, pink blusher, mascarra, and light lipstick. Nothing heavy, but light stuff that make you look slightly better but in as natural a way as possible.

The thing is, I had never gone for a photo shoot during Ramadhan before. In that month, I choose to go about my work sans make-up, as it's easier to perform my 'solat' (Muslim prayers) without having to go through the tedious ritual of make-up removal. While I'm on the run, whenever I hear the call for prayers somewhere, I can just pop into any nearby mosque to worship the One who provides me with all I have, including each breath that fills my lungs.

So this is how I look mostly these days. Thanks to that one photo shoot, I am now in the habit of going around bare-faced, even though Ramadhan is over.

And it's so liberating! Now you can choose to love me (or not, as the case may be), warts, freckles and all.

God works in mysterious ways.