Monday, October 20, 2008

What Malaysians will see.

Towards the end of the recent holy month of Ramadan, just three days before Hari Raya, my crew and I headed for Ipoh, to shoot the commercial you see here.

We had to wake up for sahur at five every morning, and then go off to our location at the Advance Aeronautics pilot training school, to start shooting early.

It was hot and humid, but most of the Muslims among us pushed on with the fasting, partly because it was a good challenge to our spirit, and also because we were hoping for God's blessings on our shoot. We liked what the story stood for, and felt the message was meaningful for the trying times ahead, so that helped us keep good cheer while working without food or drink.

The result of it is this simple film which moves me every time I see it, and, I hope, moves you too.

To view this commercial in better quality, go to the Petronas festive website below:

Happy viewing, and to our Hindu brothers and sisters, have a joyful and peaceful Deepavali.