Saturday, October 25, 2008

An email from Japan.


"Dear Yasmin,

Sorry for the sudden email. This is Sawaka Kawashima, Pamela's friend who visited Ipoh during the filming of 'Talentime'.

I had wanted to express my gratitude for letting us watch the shooting of your movie and was thinking about leaving a comment on your blog.

Then I came across your email and thought I should email you instead.

Thank you so much for letting us be on the set when you must have been busy. Hope it was not a bother.

And it was great meeting you even though brief. It was really inspiring and I was quite impressed and learned a lot. It was such a creative but at the same time warm environment. I cannot wait for the movie to come out!

By the way, congratulations for the movie Muallaf! I saw it in the Tokyo Film Festival last week. The theater was full and it was actually very had to get tickets for.

It was amazing! It really was inspirational, and at the same time, funny. The difficult subject of religion was so ingeniously touched that I was very impressed.

As one of your friends wrote on your blog, there was a big round of applause when the film ended.

I laughed at the bra scene, the puppy scene and there was even some laugher when the sisters were trying to spook the principal telling that the house is haunted and a cat comes out.

The scene where Ani's hair is shaved was a great shock, but I could really relate to her and the interaction she had with her father.

I myself am a pseudo Catholic, but watching the movie made me want to read the Koran. It is quite amazing, there are many similarities between these religions when somehow these are considered to be very different.

Thank you so much for the movie! I have to say it really was one of the most inspiring movies I have watched recently.

Also, congratulations for 'Wasurenagusa'! I must say I love the title. I am so happy that you are doing a Malaysian-Japanese collaboration movie.

I have to say honestly that before I met Pam and Vanessa in the race, I did not really know much about South East Asia.

But after I was introduced to the whole new world, I was quite surprised how all other countries in South East Asia interact with each other, and in a way, Japan is on its own, without reaching out to the other countries.

And sadly, I think people in Japan do not know much about the other Asian countries, except now maybe Korea, and some China.

I hope this movie becomes a bridge between the two countries.

If there is anything I can do to help for this, please let me know. It would be amazing if I could help in such great project.

Sorry for the long email. Thank you for reading it.

Best regards,