Thursday, August 07, 2008

I really liked it.

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I just came out of "Susuk".

To me, in it's barest form, "Susuk" is the story of people who would stop at nothing to get to the top, and having reached it, refuse to come down.

I'm not saying it's a political satire; I'm saying it's a satire on those most destructive of human foibles: greed and vanity.

What a relief to watch a Malay horror film that despite not taking itself too seriously, was seriously spooky in parts. This, as opposed to many Asian horror flicks, local or otherwise, that DO take themselves seriously, but leave me guffawing inside.

I won't say if "Susuk" is a good film or not (because I don't know what a good film is, and I prefer to leave such solemn foolery to some of the local critics), but what I CAN say is that I liked it very much.

The kitsch art direction that was bursting with its makers' wicked sense of humour; the homage to Argento, Almodovar, Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi; the shameless but totally knowing and tongue-in-cheek borrowing of images from "The Godfather", "Hellraiser", and countless others... all this led to a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience for me.

Walking out of the cinema hall, I felt a strange sense of relief. "How lovely," I thought, "to watch a local film made by genuinely smart filmmakers who didn't have their heads up their own arses, and who seemed to have fun playing with film."