Friday, May 16, 2008

"Tan Hong Ming In Love" wins a Nomination Pencil in Great Britain.

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This is it.

This is THE biggest of the biggies. The Mother lode. The real McCoy. The big Kahuna. Nothing surpasses this in the advertising world.

Ask any advertising person anywhere, and they'll tell you that no award festival in the world is tougher than this one.

It's called the British Design and Art Direction awards, more commonly, and fearfully, known as D&AD.

For the longest of time, it was an award show held exclusively for British advertising, and was notoriously harsh in its judging. (After all, Britain is one of the top two biggest Lions winning country at Cannes in history!)

In 1988, they opened their doors to the rest of the world. But still, British work was largely judged separately.

No Malaysian television commercial has ever won a Black Pencil (gold award) there. Heck, not even a Yellow Pencil (silver award).

In 2003, one Malaysian commercial won a Nomination Pencil (sometimes called a Silver Nomination and is sort of like a bronze award). But that was in the Non-English Language Television and Cinema Advertising section, not competing with the best of British or any work in English.

This time, it's free for all. The rest of the world competes with the best of British and America, regardless of language.

And little Hong Ming and Ummi did what they did. They won the highest award ever bestowed upon a Malaysian television commercial, at the toughest advertising award show in the world.

So what do we say? Yes, that's right. Alhamdulillah.