Monday, April 28, 2008

They've agreed to sell the rights for this achingly beautiful song to us for "Talentime". Alhamdulillah!

The latest developments in the pre-production of "Talentime":

One, my young Singaporean actor has pulled out, due to some family problems. He will be replaced by Mohd. Syafie Naswip of "Mukhsin" fame. (Poor Syafie had been pleading with me to put him in another film, so he was well pleased when I told him he was on.)

Secondly, this song entitled "O Re Piya", which I've so badly wanted for "Talentime", is now available to us. Sung by Rahat (nephew of the late Nusrat) Fateh Ali Khan in a way that makes the hair on my arms stand every time, the lyrics of this haunting piece sounds like it was just written for one crucial scene in "Talentime".

"Feels like I've been walking barefoot on burning embers
Feels like I've been growing up among total strangers
O beloved, take me away to your destiny
This blind, narrow-minded world is my enemy"

Sigh. Heartbreaking...