Sunday, March 02, 2008

Second Tora-san private screening. This week perhaps?

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It's called "Tora-san's Love Call".

And although it was the 8th installment in the enormously entertaining and moving Tora-san series by Yoji Yamada, it was the first I ever saw.

I fell in love with it immediately.

At once hilarious and deeply moving, the world of Tora-san and his family and friends swam around my head and my heart for weeks after.

I propose we screen it this week. Any suggestions for day and date? Please bear in mind that I have to fly to Jakarta on Friday night.

Over to you, my handsome warrior Wira.

Oh, and by the way, I ordered ten more Tora-san dvd's and they just arrived today. That makes it a total of 16 Tora-san films in my collection! Alhamdulillah.