Saturday, February 16, 2008

Prizes of the International Jury, Generations category, 58th Berlin International Film Festival.

judges & winners
Photo courtesy of kean wong
Feb 16, 2008:

Berlinale 2008 Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Awards in Generation Kplus

The members of the International Jury:

Yasmin Ahmad
Anna Justice
Omri Levy
Antonia Ringbom

gave the following awards:

The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk Grand Prix for the Best Feature Film:
"TOUS A L'OUEST! Une aventure de Lucky Luke" by Olivier Jean-Marie (France)

Jury Citation:
"A rollercoaster ride of laughs and adventures, delivered with great wit, genius, and humor. A film full of inventive visual gags combined with an intelligent use of music, mixing historical and modern life elements. A celebration of the joy of cinema."

The Special Mention:
"Mutum" by Sandra Kogut (Brazil/France)

Jury Citation:
"A journey into a young boy's life that leads you gently through a world infused with love and rejection, confusion and heartbreak. Through a curious mix of dreamy, open-ended events, it paints a picture of remote Brazil with bursts of poetry and humanity."

The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk Special Prize for the Best Short Film:
"My Uncle Loves The Colour Yellow" by Mats Olof Olsson (Sweden)

Jury Citation:
"Lasting merely 9 minutes, this film leads us through a whole range of deep human emotions. An homage to all that is good in people, reminding us to be careful with the fragility surrounding us. A moving story told with simple, masterly cinematic strokes."

The Special Mention:
"POST!" by Christian Asmussen and Matthias Bruhn (Germany)

Jury Citation:
"A joyful film with inventive visual solutions, crazy anarchistic humor and a warm message about one man's ability to make a whole community happy."