Monday, February 25, 2008

Do they call our film "Mook-sang" over there?

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The second last comment in the thread below entitled "Mukhsin review in Le Monde", was posted by someone called Aniza. It reads like this:

"I was in a small town called Nancy in the east of France two weeks ago. Saw 'Mukhsin' poster on the wall of one of the 'd'art et essai' cinemas. (Took photo, but am not sure how to post it here).
Until last week, I observed that 'Mukhsin' was screened in 5 different cinema halls in Paris. It's a beautiful achievement."

The fact is, "Mukhsin" has been playing in 20 theatres around France since the 2nd of February. It's a first in the history (or should I say l'histoire) of Malaysian cinema.

In the words of Ms Jennifer Hudson at the Oscars last year, "Look what God can do!"