Thursday, December 20, 2007

Riding into Taiwan, on a Golden Horse.

When I was little, long before I even knew where Berlin, Cannes or Venice were, I had only ever heard of two film festivals. The Oscars, and the Chinese Oscars.

And so when the folks at Golden Horse asked me about holding a retrospective tribute of my films, I ran down our office corridor, screaming, "I'm going to the Chinese Oscars! Yee-har! I'm going to the Chinese Oscars!"

genius-in-disguise and meplacardon live radiotv interviewposepress conf
It was one of the best times I've ever had with my clothes on.

Thank you, Golden Horse. Thank you, Ah Sen, Ah Ling, Tess, Steve, Ron, Ted, Diva, and all those people in Taipei who made me feel so at home, so cared for, and asked such genuinely intelligent questions about film, not just some half-baked, ill-informed pontifications that I often get from bitter people at FINAS Sesi Apresiasi Filem.

I miss my Golden Horse!