Monday, October 15, 2007

"Talentime". My new film in the making.

my new film?
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We originally planned to make a film called "Mok-Mok", but that project will l have to step aside for a while.

The reason, I have found one financier who seems very keen about this other idea I have for a film called "Talentime".

Inshaallah, it will most likely star Adibah Noor, Ho Yuhang, Noor Khiriah, and two new young actors in their teens who will play the lead roles.

The rough story: A music teacher, who is herself a great performer (Adibah Noor) is organising an inter-school talentime. Through the days of auditions, rehearsals and preparations, running up to the big day of the contest, the characters get embroiled in a world of heightened emotions - ambition, jealousy, human comedy, romance, heartbreak - all of which culminate in a day of great music and performances.

Not a new premise, I know. But neither was "Sepet" nor "Mukhsin". And I believe that the interesting thing about seeing the work of different artists is that you get to experience age-old emotions through new, totally personalised eyes.

The idea behind "Talentime": That as humans, we have to go through a lot of pain and some measure of suffering before we can reach greater heights.

Some might say this somewhat echoes the principles behind THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS. But more accurately, the idea really comes from my own observations that some of the best moments in my life were those moments where I failed, or had my heart broken.

Why? Because those were the moments that have shaped me, made me a better person today, and helped me attain my highest achievements.

We should be opening up the auditons early next year, inshaallah. So if you know of teenagers (age 13 to 15) who can sing and/or play musical instruments, do let me know here. Thanks.