Saturday, May 05, 2007

The main cast of "Muallaf".

Brian Yap as Brian
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We've had three rehearsals so far. We're all terribly nervous, but bloody excited! And so far, as we keep rehearsing and adjusting the dialogue, chucking out some scenes and adding new ones, the story just keeps getting stronger. Alhamdulillah, rabbana walakal hamdu.
Tony Savarimutu as Brother AnthonySharifah Aleysha as AnaSharifah Amani as AniHazel Fernandez as Mrs SivaHaris Zakaria as Little Brian
Apart from Brian, going clockwise starting from top left, we have Tony Savarimutu who will play a Catholic priest called Brother Anthony, Sharifah Aleysha playing Ana, Sharifah Amani playing Ani, Hazel Fernandez playing Mrs Siva, and finally, my nephew Haris Zakaria playing Brian as a little boy.