Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why the Tokyo award was the most important win of all for 'Sepet'.

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'Federation Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Film', is the most important and most respected accreditation of film festivals in the world.

In their books, only 12 festivals are recognised, in no particular order, as Top Tier "Competitive Feature Film Festivals". They are:

- Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)

- Mar Del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina)

- Cannes Film Festival (France)

- Shanghai International Film Festival (China)

- Moscow International Film Festival (Russia)

- Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic)

- Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland)

- Montreal World Film Festival (Canada)

- Venice International Film Festival (Italy)

- San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain)


- Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt)

In Tier Two, they list what they refer to as "Competitive Specialised Feature Film Festivals". And these are:

- Brussels (Fantasy films and science fiction films)

- Istanbul (Films on art : literature, theatre, music, dance, cinema & plastic arts)

- Wiesbaden (Films from Central and Eastern Europe)

- Troïa (Films from countries producing a maximum of 25 features yearly)

- Valencia Jove (New directors’ films)

- Valencia Mediterranean (Films from Mediterranean countries)

- Sarajevo (Films from Central and South-Eastern Europe)

- Namur (French-language films)

- Frankfurt (Films for children)

- Bogota (New directors’ films)

- Pusan (Films from new directors of Asian countries)

- Warsaw (First and second features)

- Ghent (Impact of music on films)

- Sao Paulo (New directors’ films)

- Kyiv (Young directors’ films)

- Torino (New directors’ films)

- Stockholm (Films on new cinematographic orientations)

- Thesssaloniki (New directors’ films)

- Gijon (Films for young people)

- India (Goa) (Asian films)

- Sitges (Fantasy films)

- Courmayeur (Police and mystery films)

- Kerala (Trivandrum) (Films from Asia, Africa & Latin America)

Rabbana wa lakalhamdu. (All praise goes to Allah.)