Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Gardener (an excerpt) - Rabindranath Tagore

"Your questioning eyes are sad.
They seek to know my meaning
as the moon would fathom the sea.

I have bared my life before your eyes
from end to end,
with nothing hidden
or held back.
That is why
you know me not.

If it were only a gem,
I could break it into a hundred pieces
and string them into a chain
to put on your neck.
If it were only a flower,
round and small and sweet,
I could pluck it from its stem
to set it in your hair.

But it is a heart, my beloved.
Where are its shores and its bottom?
You know not the limits of
this kingdom,
still you are its queen.

If it were only a moment of pleasure
it would flower in an easy smile,
and you could see it and read it
in a moment.
If it were merely a pain
it would melt in limpid tears,
reflecting its inmost secret
without a word.

But it is love, my beloved.
Its pleasure and pain are boundless,
and endless are its wants and wealth.

It is as near to you
as your life,
but you can never
know it."

Does that last phrase sound familiar to anyone?