Saturday, April 02, 2005

The night FINAS was robbed.

Yesterday morning, I went to FINAS because I was invited to be part of the panel for an appreciation session of Yuhang's "Sanctuary". Yuhang himself came, of course, as did U-Wei Haji Shaari, and a host of journalists, cameramen, tv crew, producers, film critics, and students.

The morning went by interestingly enough, and "Sanctuary" was for me even better and more powerful the second time around.

The walls of FINAS were, as always, lined with rows upon rows of glass-framed posters of films they had had some involvement in. But what shocked me was that the "Sepet" poster that was up was not the lovingly-crafted movie poster you see above, but the smaller, poorly-printed, vcd-promotion version that is up at video stores all around town.

When I asked them to explain this outrageously unfair misrepresentation of my humble little film, they apologised profusely and explained that, for the first time in FINAS's history, someone had crept into their building one night, unscrewed the glass frame of our poster, and stolen the poster itself!

Now, I know we must never condone any act of crime, but... this one made me happy somehow.