Wednesday, February 09, 2005

" G U B R A "

my nephew & i
Originally uploaded by yasmin the storyteller.
This, inshaallah, will be the title of my next film.

The Storytellers' Club members are all too familiar with the opening sequence to this. The caller of the azan, his wife, and their close friendship with two prostitutes.

But the bulk of "Gubra" isn't about them at all. It will be, the way I've been constructing it in my mind, about a woman named Orked and her parents. Those who have seen "Rabun" will know who they are. And those who will see "Sepet" will know them even better.

"Gubra" is intended to examine one common phenomenon: The simple everyday fact that when we experience betrayal, it is more often than not committed unto us by people who love us; not people who hate us.

I guess in the end, "Gubra" will be about love (because, as John Cassavetes once said, "nothing else interests me"), it will be about betrayal, and in the end, the difficult but inevitable question of whether or not to forgive the people who betray us.

Oh yes, and the photograph I've posted here shows my nephew Etienne and I at my in-laws' house earlier this afternoon, just before our Chinese New Year family lunch. Why did I use it to illustrate my third film? I don't know. Firstly, I'm considering featuring him in the film. And secondly, the expression on our faces, I guess. It says "Gubra" (anxiety) to me.