Sunday, January 02, 2005

We've decided to release "Sepet". Fancy a dollop of my humble pie?

humble pie
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Ros, my film producer, and I had a good long chat about "Sepet" and the censorship board.

I was dead against the eight cuts they imposed upon our film, of course. I mean, I could understand their problem with the expletives, and the scene where Harith, clad only in a pair of baggy Y-fronts, chases after his wife around the house. But the rest of the cuts, although insignificant, were unreasonable beyond belief.

So there I was, raving and ranting, as you might expect, and at one point, raising my voice unnecessarily.

That's when Ros looked me straight in the eye and reminded me of some fundamental things.

1) The fact that if "Sepet" didn't get released, we may never get our money back. To make "Sepet", Ros had to sell her car, as did Ujang the set designer and art director, and I had to draw practically all my savings. And if we didn't make our money back, we may never be able to make "Gubra".

2) "Remember why you wanted to make films in the first place," Ros whispered solemnly. I hanged my head in shame. We both knew perfectly well that we make films primarily to show Mak and Abah how much we love them. (Ros, whose parents passed away many years ago, was adopted by my parents just before we made "Rabun".)

Those two clinching arguments are why I now find myself eating the proverbial pie. If all goes well, inshaallah "Sepet" will be released in a couple of months. With the eight cuts which, come to think of it, don't even add up to a minute of screen time.

I hope you're not too disappointed with me. And more importantly, I hope you will catch "Sepet" at the theatres, and that it will move you in some way.

Jom tengok wayang jom?