Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Malaysian Censorship Board - 1, Yasmin Ahmad - 0.

LPF vs Me
Originally uploaded by yasmin the storyteller.
Sorry for my two-day absence, friends. My producer and I went to make an appeal to the censorship board, face-to-face, and to explain to them, nicely, why we felt they should lift the 9 cuts which they imposed upon "Sepet".

Being the naive fools that we are, we were actually hoping to engage them in a calm and educated discussion. Instead, we found ourselves confronted with the most bizarre comments and criticism.

One of them asked why, in my story, did the Malay girl not make any attempt to convert her Chinese boyfriend.

Another one suggested that the scene where Adibah, Ida and Amani were lovingly combing each other's hair by the staircase, was encouraging Malay women to go back to their bad old habit of picking each other's lice!

At the end of it all, they said that we shouldn't blame them for the cuts, because they represented "the rakyat". And that they had shown our film to some members of "the rakyat", and their verdict was to ban "Sepet".

That's it. I'm tired guys. These people have defeated me. I'm down there. Floored. Sod it. I give up.