Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dear Censorship Board, come and get me, I've just made two more films.

boy & poh-poh
Originally uploaded by yasmin the storyteller.
The first one is called "Poh-poh's Gift". It's only 2-minutes long.

"Poh-poh's Gift" tells about the struggle of a little orphan boy and his grandmother (Poh-poh), soon after his grandfather passed on. (Yes, there are no Malays in this story, so you might like to ban it.)

I hope you will enjoy watching this film, oh beloved members of the Censorship Board, as much as I did writing and directing it.

Look out for it on the local tv stations. It's FREE. That's the nice thing about festive tv commercials for Petronas. No tickets required. About the only thing you have to give is your attention.

Besides "Poh-poh's Gift", I'm also shooting a public service film for the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. (Hah! Can't touch this!) It's called "A City Fable", and it's about a man on an LRT train who wouldn't give up his seat for anyone. (Bet you will totally identify with this dastardly character.)

Why do I make these little films, you ask? Well, for starters, my dear members of the Chopping Board, they help me forget about YOU.